Imaculado Coração de Maria

Imaculado Coração de Maria

The parish of the Church


The civil parish of Imaculado Coração de Maria is located very close to the city of Funchal. We would say it has Estrada do Til as its backbone, from where countless roads arrive and depart.


It is on this road that on the crossing with Rua da Levada, that the civil parish’s church is located: the church of Imaculado Coração de Maria, with a modern architecture.


It is also the road that takes us to Monte, Terreiro da Luta, Poiso and Pico do Areeiro.

The civil parish is characterised mainly for having many houses and small trade.


Today, Imaculado Coração de Maria has about 7 thousand inhabitants and an area of 135 hectares (334 acres).

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