Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz

The land of the natural pools


Porto Moniz is one of the oldest civil parishes in the north of Madeira, and one of the most visited ones, greatly due to the natural pools it offers.


Historians believe that the settlement began around the 15th century. Francisco Moniz, from the Algarve, is believed to have been one of Porto Moniz’s oldest settlers. He erected the chapel of Nossa Senhora da Conceição.


The creation of this ecclesiastic parish took place around 1574.

After 1533, already as a civil parish, the old Ponta do Tristão, became Porto Moniz, in honour of Francisco Moniz, who was married with one of Gonçalves Zarco’s granddaughters, to whom the place was donated.


Only after World War II, Porto Moniz ceased being isolated from the rest of the Island, when the emblematic road between Porto Moniz and São Vicente was built. This road was literally dug on the hillside, and where you frequently find waterfalls crossing it towards the sea. As such, it naturally considered one of the most beautiful roads in the Island. However, nowadays, in name safety, due to the fall of small rocks, there are several tunnels that have shortened the distance. Nevertheless, it still crosses the most emblematic locations of the road.


Porto Moniz is believed to have about 2,200 inhabitants.


The most important economic activities include agriculture and tourism, in particular, since this is one of the most visited places on the Island. It has several rural tourism cottages and traditional hotel units, besides a wide range of restaurants.


The climate is mild, and the winter is slightly rainy. However, the average temperatures are always around 17ºC (63 ºF).


Useful Information

Municipal Public Holiday: July 2
Area: 80.4 Km2
Bathing Areas: natural pools of Porto Moniz and Seixal civil parishes.



How to Get There

To get to Porto Moniz from Funchal, take the freeway in the direction of Ribeira Brava (Funchal - Ribeira Brava). When you arrive at Ribeira Brava, you must follow the Estrada Regional 101 (regional road), towards the high mountains and less housing in the direction of São Vicente.


There is a quicker route by tunnel or via the old road, which winds its way through the mountain from South to North with Encumeada at the top welcoming the magnificent northern hillsides.


After passing São Vicente, carry on until the coastal road and turn left in the direction of Porto Moniz.

It is also possible to get to Porto Moniz from the opposite side, coming from Ponta do Pargo or Paúl da Serra.

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